The Name

"I get asked about the name all the time so here's the story behind it. Rider's Ford is actually a place. It's a low spot on the Verdigris river in NE Oklahoma that was used as a ford (river crossing) for cattle drives headed to the Coffeyville, KS stockyards.  Of course, it's also associated with the outlaws that road that area like the Daltons, the Doolins, and even the James Gang. For me, it was a good place to fish, hang out with friends, camp, go noodling. In other words, Riders Ford = Good Times!" -CJ


Founded in 2008, Riders Ford is a red dirt country band that honed their sound in the trenches of honkey-tonks throughout the Midwest.  Named for a low water crossing on the Verdigris River the band is as real and as country as their namesake implies.  With their DIY nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and awesome live shows the band has built a loyal following through the independent circuit.

Their first 10 track EP, the self-recorded “We Rage On”, produced the underground radio hit “Wormy’s Song (Let’s Get Drunk & Rodeo)”.  Their 2014 studio debut “Shot in the Dark” yielded their first Top 40 hit “This Ain’t a Song”. The album also charted two other Top 100 singles and the masterful video for “The Bottle”.  The band was nominated for the 2014 Texas Regional Radio Report’s “New Comer of the Year” award.

2016 saw the release of their second Top 40 hit “Home to Oklahoma”, a Bob Wills inspired swing tune that brought the western back to country. It was also the precursor for their upcoming 2017 album “Second Half Life”. For more on the upcoming album check out this article from Red Dirt Nation below.